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Winter Wonderland

Winter is my absolutely¬†favorite season. I love the cold season in general but Winter Holidays are the most fascinating time of the year! That’s just in my point of view summer lovers ūüėČ


Skirt: Terranova.

Blouse: Lindex.

Sweater: ZARA .

Tights: Veneziana.

Shoes: Isabel Bellido “BEL BEL”.

Earings: www.eleja.lt .

Ring: www.eleja.lt  .

For me even the birthday is less special than Christmas. It probably comes from childhood – as most of our memories have the biggest impact on how we see things later in life. And so winter holidays were always a big thing in our family. When I was small kid, my mother and I would start drawing pictures of winter landscape which later would be turned into post cards and sent to my grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. They would all kindly reply, so I began to fall for the paper mail as I loved to read the letters and postcards that were send back to us.

When: 23rd of December, 2011.

Later, we’d cook the dishes. Now I know that it varies from all around the world and there are different things that you put on the table on Christmas¬†Eve. Traditionally in Lithuania we normally have: 1-¬†“Herring under the covers” – herring coated with graded beetroot, boiled chopped carrots and¬†eggs, fried fish, 2-¬†“white salad” (canned peas, chopped vegetables: pickles, boiled carrots, potatoes,¬†and chopped eggs¬†),3-¬†some other kind of salad normally with beetroot, 4-¬†fruits; 5-¬†cooked minced¬†meat in sort of jello; 6-¬†poppy seed¬†milk; 7-¬†Christmas Eve cookies “kŇęńćiukai” [koo-choo-kai];¬†8 – ¬†Bread; 9-¬†Boiled potatoes with dill; ¬†10-¬†Mushroom cutlets; 11- buns with poppy seeds; 12 – buns with mushrooms.


Of course that is a lot of food to cook for one family, so we normally share the dishes and 2-3 families cook it and bring ti¬†to our grandmothers house who cooks the rest. There would many of my cousins gather and rooms¬†begin to fill with hot steams from the kitchen, children’s’ laughter upstairs and parents hurrying about to make sure the table gets set and the presents¬†are ready. Our grandparents had two rooms upstairs for kids bur very often we ended up sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor in order to be in one room. After the lights were out, there was still a lot of games, talks and colouring going on in our room. What a night that used to¬†be!

My grandmother is very sympathetic so she used to put a giant christmas tree in the dining room and a separate one upstairs just for us. The tree downstairs was always a natural tree, decorated beautifully with sets of ornaments and matching bows and lights. The tree upstairs was an old plastic tree, flat branches and stiff pieces. It was always overwhelmingly¬†decorated with colourful ornaments, golden bows and big shining lights. If I would see a tree like this nowadays I’d probably¬†think the owner¬†lacks a sense of taste. But then, for me as a child the tree was heavenly beautiful!! When¬†we had to go to bed¬†the grandparents would then leave the lights on the tree and we could enjoy that breath-taking beauty all night long. I used to think the tree was so beautiful that I imagined it having its own¬†little world – with toys and¬†pictures on the ornaments coming alive¬†at night and would make up stories in my mind how do they live and what do they do walking on branches of the¬†Christmas tree…¬†ūüôā


The brightest memory about¬†the¬†tree where the decorations: grandmother has saved up till now ornaments from her own childhood and the soviet times. The toys are far faaar¬†from what are we see in the¬†shops now; the ornaments would include plastic mushrooms, squirrels, glass balls and birds, acorns, all kinds of fruits: pears, strawberries, grapes…

(I guess you gotta be there to understand the sentimental point of it ūüėÄ )

Here are some examples:


So from the beginning, Christmas is always about the special times when I was and still am loves, cared of and appreciated. The magic of the night, the mystical and festive spirits, good wishes, coziness, hugs, gifts, joy and laughter. Happy holidays everyone!

Truly Yours,

Vaiva K.

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So it’s December. With a great delight, joy, love and fascination I made a Christmas Calendar – a huge project for me and my family.(You can check it out at D.I.Y page!) I was so anxious for December to begin that I didn’t even realize how much I wanted snow. Soft, light piles of snow. Crowding from feather-like snowflakes in a delightful light of a cozy evening. ¬†The one that you picture when you hear “Winter Wonderland” by Aretha Franklin ūüôā or “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. ūüėČ


 Coat: H&M.

Sweater: Mango.

Blouse: Lindex.

Tights: Gatta.

Rings: H&M.

Shoes: e-store www.lightinthebox.com

Necklace: e-store www.eleja.lt

Skirt: Just B.

OMG Item: “Skirt. I bought it in a thrift store – boutique in Belgium. I went on that trip when I was having a difficult time in my life: my first job, final exams in university, a new place to live. I was under some kind of pressure and could feel how my self-esteem was getting below the line of “low”. So I took a week off and travelled. Very luckily, on my way to the flight, I grabbed a full pack of Sex & The City. I laughed and I cried together with the characters and then realised that life is, in deed,¬†really¬†fabulous and I should love it, feel it and live it with a smile.”

Watching what do those beautiful characters wear inspired me to experiment. At that time – this piece of clothing was almost impossible for me! I thought it’s so bizarre, so strange and so unique that I thought I might not be brave enough to wear it. But I¬†paired it with high loose black leather boots and went out to have my coffee take-away around the old town. ūüôā It was a break-through moment for me as the skirt is light, interesting and flies beautifully – a heavy woollen top layer is cut half way in about 4 places. Underneath lies a light synthetic layer with a round or ruffles so delicate, you can’t really tell they are there but when the wind opens the top layer it looks like I am wearing at least 3 skirts underneath ūüôā

And like a sprinkle of cinnamon or a cherry on the top of the whipped cream – the skirt is spiced up with a leather belt that wraps around the hips. Arty, funky, punky and interesting! :)”

The only really colourful activity¬†nowadays – is Christmas shopping. That’s when I get to look at all those lovely¬†reminders of Winter holidays – ginger cookies, jelly beans, silky bows and wrapping papers, and tons of things to look through until I find the right ones to delight my family with. I have once read an article about a Lithuanian painter who said that she buys her gifts all year round. I loved the idea for many reasons: first, you do not have to spend tons of money at once specially right before the holidays when you already know you will have extra costs due to the preparation, travelling and else.

¬†Secondly, you save time – you see a lovely¬†item – you buy it even if it’s in May. Then you stuff your secret drawer with beautiful and nice things and when Christmas comes – you do not have to run around the crowded shops in panic looking for things to buy and you do not risk to get same things like everyone else. Months passed, things forgotten – the gifts are very fresh and again “unseen”;)

Thirdly, you are prepared for anything and everything Рeven small surprises for the unexpected visitors. Because if you want to Рyou can shop for gifts when season sales appear. And when the right time comes Рyou just have to decide what items from your secret drawer go under which name tag. Love the idea!

When: 2nd of December, 2011.

And since there is no snow, everything apart from shopping, seems dead and dull – colourful leaves are gone, fog covers whole city in white and grey almost everyday. Instead of an intensive short showers of rain we have a misty rain all day long. Really upsetting when you look through the window or when you have to get around town by the public transport…

So I had to find a solution. And instead of expecting nature to bring a trace of intriguing new colours or whitening all with pure virgin snow – I coloured myself.¬† I used this red and brown to energize my every step and to break out from the everyday dullness of routine tasks and suits. It was so powerful, like a warming shot of something strong and red after a busy day ūüėČ

Where: The Hill Of Taurus, Vilnius

P.s. Talking about red and winter – I have a secret in my wardrobe for Xmas ūüėČ It’s a Santa’s¬†Helpers¬†kinda dress¬† – all red, decorated with white fur around the neck, hands, and thigh area. Looks super¬†cute, flirt and Christmas ! The only thing I need – is a red ribbon..;)

Looking forward for my white merry Christmas!

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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