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I have been thinking a lot lately about how do I happen to have such brilliant memories of people I have met in my life. Most of those meetings so bizarre and disturbing that writing about them would put no novel to shame. Most of those meetings happened by a total coincidence as if someone had planned it all. It would have only taken a five-minute time difference and some of those people may have remained strangers to me forever…


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It would not be possible for me to count how many times I have heard people complaining about life: starting with personal issues such as health or relationships ending up with global economy and good-for-nothing government. In paradox, I have just recently read “Peoples tendency towards good is similar to waters tendency run downhill”. So where is that downhill flow of goodness? Am I the only person that doesn’t happen to see it?


When: 9th of January, 2012

In the modern world, where you can get robbed, raped, threatened, kidnapped, bought, sold or made disappear in no time, is there still time and space for good things? Nowadays people are so free to do whatever they want  that I am often wondering if things they want to include being good and doing good to others. And I do not mean just on occasion, like on Christmas.

So if you are a man or a women and you see other women with a push-chair and a 1-year-old ready to climb the Everest high stares from the underground – do you offer her a hand?


Shoes: QQQ.

Tights: Gatta.

Skirt: New Yorker.

Coat: H&M.

Purse: Thrift treasure.

Gloves: purchased at a market in October  2011, no label.

Cardigan: ZARA knit collection.

Scarf: A gift from my grandmother.

Ring: A gift from my Italian teacher Elena.

OMG Item: “The skirt. It’s much more interesting than a regular black or grey skirt. First of all, the grey and white spots on the skirt are actually a pattern of black and white flowers. Secondly, the cut is of that cabbage like – it is wide in the middle section and much narrower at the end. Some people claim your hips may seem much larger with such type of skirt than they actually are but I do not seem to have a problem with that and also since it is quite short and tight at the bottom, it tends to make the legs seem longer. “

 Do we honestly run to the window to see why is there a scream outside?  Are we one of the crowd who passes a lying on the ground person thinking it’s not our job to care for junkies? I always stop, come considerably close to investigate and/or ask someone to come with me. I am not showing off. I want to share two secrets so private and so touching that It makes my eyes watery even writing about it now.


First is that my friend’s father died. A 55-year-old university lecturer of Physical science. Well respected in the group of his department colleagues as well as students 3 times in a row students had voted and elected him as the most friendly professor.

And so one day he died. On a bus stop in one of the most busy streets inKlaipeda. It was last fall – a very rainy season there. He suddenly started feeling dizzy so he sat down on a bench slightly away from the others. Then he passed out and fell down off the bench onto a muddy ground for the reason that later turned out to be a heart stroke. Not even one single person came to see what’s wrong and why is a person lying on the ground in the rain, not moving. He died there with no one to help him.

This was so upsetting and I was so angry, I felt my heart turned stone cold. Why? Because I see my family – my mother, my father, my brother or anyone else close to me – lying on the cold wet ground and dying there because nobody had the 30 seconds to change their direction and to come closer to see what the matter is. I would never forgive the people who didn’t’ help them. So I try not to be like the people who I’d hate.

Who: Photographer Sandra Bilkytė.

My second secret – a horrible school bullying story. My friend told me that in high school there were a lot of boys in his class. Many of which attended sports clubs, had a protein rich diet and had a body of a very healthy 20-year-old. But in the same class there was another boy – a strange behavior kid, who had epilepsy, wasn’t communicative, had other problems of cognitive development. Those other kids would beat him, punch him in the face, spit on him. He was weak and he was alone. Teachers pretended not to notice.

The most horrifying thing that he told me is that such incidents would not only occur during breaks but also, the lesson times. Once, he said, one of the strong guys was bullying him by teasing him verbally . Then he got angry and when the teacher wasn’t looking he knocked a strong fist to his head. There was a loud sound. The big guy quickly sat down and the boy sat there long with his head on the table, holding his arms around it. The teacher pretended he didn’t hear it…

After I heard this story, it made me cry. Yeah, so the boy was probably not entirely mentally developed. Yeah, so the other guy was a teenager with a lot of muscles. BUT WHERE WERE THE EYES OF THE ADULTS?? WHERE WERE THEIR HEARTS AND BRAINS??

In my heart, I can never forgive those people, who let stories like these happen within the area of their responsibility…


Where: Vilnius, old town.

There are horrible things happening everywhere, at all times. But most of the things happen when someone can see them, notice or at least foresee that something is wrong. Please, be a person you could be proud of – do not be one of the rushing crowd. 60 seconds on your way will have no or very little influence for you. But for someone else it can save his life.

I wish kids who had to experience this could feel my love and support that I have for them. And for all of those people who were in trouble and nobody came to help.

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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