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Once in a while you get this complicated feeling of anxiety, rush, unease, dissatisfaction – something that is hard to bear and yet even harder to put into words. It’s a feeling as if there wasn’t enough space in the shell – somewhat too crowded even though there is a certain sense of emptiness.  When this happens in your wardrobe – you know it’s time to review all and do one out of three: Keep, Store or Toss. But what do you do if you have that feeling about your life?

Today I happened to walk across the park where a small group of men in their respectable age were standing so still and quiet around few tables that at first sight I thought that was some kind of statue art installation. As I grew nearer I realized that booze was not the reason for them to gather – chessboard and a time-clock was present at each table. And then suddenly, when I was close enough to see their sharp eyes dig into the black and white figures, their thermo-mugs filled with steaming coffee, I understood all of it. We do not just struggle in life. We play chess: now, here, yesterday, today, tomorrow, everyday and everywhere.


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