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Hello my dear readers! Hi to all of you who are smart and to those who are pretty-all of us have at least one of the two 😛

Today I want to tell you a very effective time-proven and super good secret about how to survive through the long dark months of fall and winter. Snow is not here yet, but it will soon be and by judging how fast it gets dark in the evenings and how rainy and cold it has been lately, soon it will be a time when not even a dog will want to go outside. And while all of our pet dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, snakes, hamsters, spiders, miniature pigs, monkeys, rats and parrots will warmly snooze in their cozy little places you and  I are going to be freezing our (you know what) while we get to work and other places.

So this time I will tell you a secret plan that will help all of you to stay happy all through the cold season.

A List That Will Make You Happy – Fall and Winter edition

1. More yellow! Eat, wear and use more yellow and orange everywhere around it. The cold season is also called the dark season not without a reason. Bright yellows and oranges have energizing, refreshing qualities just as the smell of lemon or orange and seeing it often makes people more active. Do little things – replace your shower curtain and table-cloth or table napkins into one of these colours and you will notice it every day.

2. More light! This tip will not help you save money but it might save you from a winter depression: decorate your house with light and candles and make sure to light it every evening. Even one or two candles in the evening will do the trick. More light means happiness!

3. More sun! This will be a controversial tip , I’m sure, but I will still give it a try. You will get more sun by going for sun bathing. A little bit of fake sun will do you no harm. In fact, a lot of older women often suffer from osteoporosis because when their body is in the need of vitamin D, it is taken from their bone system. Naturally, vitamin D is produced by the body when it is regularly exposed to the sun. I do not advice you to go there and get roasted. But going to tan under a fake sun 2-3 times a week for 5 minutes will help your mood up and energy floating. Be cautious to use all protective elements – special shades and creams.

4. Don’t do what you hate! There are two types of things that we hate – the ones that we hate but we must do and the ones that we hate and we believe we must do. There is a huge difference between the two. There shouldn’t be more than one or two things that you hate but you still must do. There simply cant’s be. If there is more than that – you are doing something very wrong so stop doing it. Just say no. No and that’s it.

If there is something that you hate but must do – and it is totally inevitable to quit or change it – you must start to love it. Every thing we hate has some little things that we can love. If that’s your job – love your colleagues, or your coffee break, or your salary, or your strength for doing, love something about it – anything! This will involve changing your attitude and that is, as we all know, a difficult long-term task, but it’s totally worth it.

5. Eat it twice! In winter our body naturally tends to crave for something sweeter, fatter, heavier. It’s alright to eat a cookie or two – but not the entire box. It will be hard to stop entirely and plus life’s too short. But no matter how delicious the crispy cheese roast is, cut it in half and eat it with a moth full of salad on every bite. Eat half now and the other half 30 or 60 minutes later. This much of time your body needs to start turning the food into energy and you will feel less hungry. Besides, eating small bites often fastens your metabolism.

6. Move! Not just around your house or in the kitchen. Find yourself a physically challenging hobby. Working out in a gym is not the only thing you can do. You can learn and practice swimming, dancing, yoga, gym, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, hockey,  figure skating, wall climbing, dance lessons, online workouts, bowling, table football, tennis, jogging, nordic walking, wii games and many more. Find an activity that you could do by yourself or with other people two-three times a week. You will instantly feel great!

So even though there is so little time within the day, we must find at least one hour EACH DAY to make yourselves feel good.  Too often? There are 24 hours given to us every morning so sparing a 60 min break for yourself is really not something impossible. For an online kick-start visit youtube “Sweet Sensation seated workout”. Try it. I loved it 🙂

Stay warm and stay smiling! 🙂

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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