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Hello dear all,

Summer this year in Lithuania, as well as Sweden and Cyprus, which I happen to be at this time of the year, is in full bloom and in increadible heat! The heat wave went on and whatever it touched everything bloomed, tanned, stripped, melted and dried. Tan lines, cold drinks, ice cream, sun screen, beach volleyball and lots and lots of swimming is what everyone seems to be up to.

And its long long since a bathing suit was just a piece of cloth to cover up while you are in the water. Nowadays, with so much to chose from, its an actual beach style. Together with beachy sandals and a hat, its your beach outift. So this time do not go for that all boring plain triangle top and bottom. Get a bathing suit that will you “shine bright like a diamon” . Ok ok, no more tacky song lines 🙂

For a better visual stimulation here is a link to a bathing suit collection , my all time summer favorites. Look how beautiful and stylish you can look! The link is in Lithuanian, but I already said everything you needed to know. 😉

Enjoy the photos and leave a comment. Or better – your picture in a bikini! B-)


w4Greetings from the tropical beach!

Yours trully – tanned and happy –  

Vaiva K.



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