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Hello all,

How are you doing? I am back to my home in the North. Some people somewhere are still enjoying the August warmth. As for me, I have not gone out without a raincoat since I came back. More for the wind than the rain. But even though you could not say it’s exactly cold here, the summer warmth has definitelly made some other plans, packed its bags and left. So that’s that.

However, feel a need to mention that autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the entire year. I do not mind the change so much for what I get back is the thriving colours of the leaves and the smell of the morning chill. Chuncky sweaters, hot chocolate and all of those other benefits come to my mind first to make me excited about it first and foremost.

Not to mention the pleasures of reviewing the autumn/winter collections! So many pleasant things up my way in autumn 😉


This time D&G collection was very comforting. Still very fancy and elegant but it had many other angles: floral applications for those seeking a playful style; shinning crystals for elegance; long gloves and high knee stockings for warmth and comfort; golden key detailing for those seeking more mystery.

So here it is: a short album of D&G autumn/winter collection: http://stiliausraktas.lt/sveciai/item/140-dolce-gabbana-ruduo-ziema-2014

At the end of the article you will find a line in blue with the end word “VIDEO” – that will take you right to the runway show. For you to have your own impression.

Stay stylish and warm!

Yours truly,

Vaiva k.



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