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Spring has finally arrived. Slowly, tenderly, with lots of snow storms and quick-tempered rain showers. Came so suddenly, like a brilliant idea that wakes you up in the middle of the night and doesn’t stop to bother you. Exactly like this I fell asleep with naked branches creepy scratching my second floor window and woke up from the bird songs and butterflies chasing each other around from a blossom to blossom…

When: April 27th, 2012

And so I woke up once again, in a need of change, in a need of a little transfer. So I used one very old but brilliant advice – I went for shopping in my own wardrobe. And with a little bit of fresh and new and a little bit of old and familiar I have discovered a little bohemian outfit to fulfill the need of change.

What, Why & How: I wanted a splash of color and the intensive blue jeans from ‘ZARA’ were an excellent choice. However, I wanted to keep the look closer to the ‘ earth’ – so I compensated the intensity of blue jeans with a brown top from ”Bershka” and a brown jacket from “Mosaic” together with some great old leather boots from Denmark (invisible label) which originally came from my mother’s wardrobe some 20 years ago! This was the base of the outfit. But to get some extra color, in order to break the monotony of just two colors, I through on a lovely playful string necklace of green, blue and red which come in a set with earrings  from an e-shop http://www.eleja.lt.

In an overall combination, the outfit became suitable for a light hang-out with friends, spend time in a  park or a walk around town with a take-away creamy caramel coffee. Just a free time outfit with a spice of playfulness, charm and a game of colors 😉

I love how spring brings you the feeling of freshness, purity, youth. This year, together with the first warmer days of sun I got a very strong tickling feeling as if something huge was about to happen. According to the Chinese calendar, this year is a year of Dragon, my year,  my year of inspirations, ambitions and success. I feel with all my heart and soul that this will be a year of change, a year of something big.

I don’t know how many of you think about what they feel when they know that something is going to happen. To me, it came in a form of crises. The load of dissatisfaction, inability to seek, discover and enjoy, lack of energy, no enthusiasm and regular feeling that something is wrong. Could be described as a feeling when you know someone is lying to you but you cannot exactly point at what exactly was not truth. Or like you know that something is lacking although nothing seems to be gone. And then , one morning, when the sunlight happened to be so bright that it woke me up, I saw it – I was lying to myself and couldn’t stand that no more. It will be hard for you to believe, but that was the day, when everything was about to change.

Where: Lithuania, Utena

From that moment on, I stopped planning time to make plans for my future. I sort of got up of bed and started doing the things that I knew will bring instant change into my life: deleted unwanted friends from my social networks, signed up for a long postponed foreign language course, cleaned up my closet from all of the garbage that I’ve always thought I ‘d never wear, opened a saving account and immediately transferred my first 100 euro contribution. In one hour time I had accomplished more tasks to make my life better than in the last… ever!

Btw, earlier I used to make lists of things I have to do today or the following day and keep a record of that in my notebook. That went straight to the garbage as it doesn’t work for me. Maybe it works for many, but not for me – seeing all the list of things undone make me anxious and stressed, while if I lie in bed ten minutes after I wake up and plan my day – I have a lovely day and tasks get accomplished. Strange, I know, but the system in my head works much better than the one on paper. Perhaps because since I realize that my short-term memory space is not unlimited, instead of listing “need to call….” I immediately take out my phone and make that call. This way things get done faster and there is less procrastinating. At least to me.

Who: Photographer – Aurelija Apulskienė

Of course, before every high-pitched period there is a period of recession. I had it too. Spent pointless sleepless nights, a feeling of total exhaustion even though I wasn’t working THAT much or doing any other hard energy requiring activities…

I had to actually face myself and be my own supporter and critic to realize that I simply got too comfortable with my life. I realized I was flowing like a log, which got stuck on its way on the rocks of a shallow letting life, like a river, flow by me. This was definitely more than I could bare.

Was I successful? Yes! In fact, I am graduating from my foreign language course in 3 weeks, have made couple thousands in my saving account, finally took part in that important seminar required for my work. How? Simple as that – I defined the barriers of my comfort zone and went over them, pushed myself out of my little comfy bed, strictly, ruthlessly pushed myself out of the safe and secure to the new and yet unsure. And here I am – at the moment the happiest that I have been for as far as I can remember! 🙂 concurring new lands of my so-called “bohemian zone of freedom”.

“Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone” – Neale Donald Walsch

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.


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