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Sometimes, we need a little reminder of how beautiful the world around us is. We know the beauty and goodness is out there but during the rush hours of routine and work, nobody is really able to see where exactly that all is. It’s a little bit like when people on their holiday start to “wow” the beauty of a blue sky, silky clouds, warm rain showers and starry nights. It has been there every day of their lives. And yet, people seem to need a special time to make time to see and realize all those wonderful things around them.


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Sometimes there are situations that I get exposed to that need certain phrase to make the most of it. And when that happens, I really hate to go around looking for “the suitable words” on the web or in my thoughts. So for this reason, I have made a collection of my favorite phrases/quotes/ proverbs or just fun thoughts that I have recorded over a longer period of time.  Hope it will bring some thought to you and some of them – even a smile 😉 (more…)

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Why: You can never think of a better time to wear a scarf than all year round! No, but seriously… 😉


What: You know what they say about clothing: there is no bad weather, just a wrong type of clothing? So I say the same about scarves: the weather is always  suitable for a scarf, you just need to choose it right. For hot summer weather, I use something super light, super thin: that way, it’s not actually warming me up, but rather stays light, plays beautifully in the wind, adds an extra splash of colour and men will agree – there is nothing more feminine than a sheer clothing detail in women’s outfit! So scarf it up, ladies!

In my house, we have quite a scarf collection! My mom and I share our scarves together and that’s how I get to wear the classier ones – she prefers quality over quantity: cashmere, silk, siphon, classy patterns. And I usually purchase the fun ones: bright bold colours, geometric and floral patterns, interesting cuts, modern layouts, etc. This way, I help my mum to bring some fun details into her everyday office outfits. We try out a new way of wearing a scarf every fall.

And this does not stop here: my dad likes to wear scarves as well. He often takes me scarf-shopping , specially in early fall (I am his scarf guru! 😉 ).

Anyway, even if you are not a huge fan of scarves you will probably still wear it a lot in the autumn and winter if you live somewhere as cold as North East Europe.  So below, I will show you some great ideas how you can style your outfit with a scarf by achieving a funky, casual, arty or elegant look.

Where: Here I was caught on my way to work from lunch on a bridge by the Parliament.


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