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One delightful Saturday afternoon, with a casual cappuccino and a never-ending interesting stuff on the internet, I was researching the internet wedding pages as my good friend is about to get married. Unfortunately, what seemed as an innocent delightful time helping a friend to plan the finishing touches of such a special occasion I have come across something that I didn’t bear to take alone. So I decided to share it so that I can get your opinion and reflection on some very bizarre facts and statistics:


Coat: Marks & Spenser’s.

Shoes: QQQ.

Tights: Iggy.

Blouse: Bershka.

Skirt: Monton .

Gloves: thrift.

Pearls: Seppala/ Silver City.

Belt: New Yorker.

OMG Item: “Pearls. It’s the same if you put on just one piece or an entire sea of pearls hang on your neck – you will always look expensive, smart-looking and in style. Pearls are a little predictable but still you can get many looks: from an elegant A class princess to a Lolita chick. However, I always find it the most beautiful, when different pearl strings are being blended together than mixing pearls with other type of jewelery, specially plastic or fake looking things. It’s time for fun and it’s time for pearls. This time – pearls only!”

Gay marriages and marriage among the family members are not as rare as it may seem. Since the global population has trebled in the past 50 years, has it become actually impossible to find your significant other? There are legendary stories telling us that there must be someone out there for every one of us. The significant other, the soul mate, love of your life somewhere walking the same Earth as you and all you have to do is find him/her. Obviously, easier said than done. And in the world where you can marry anyone or anything, have the endless possibilities made it impossible to choose right?

Divorce statistics are more than frightening: more than 4o percent of Lithuanian marriages fall apart. Have we forgotten that the promise “for better or for worse” is intended for forever and not until the road get’s rocky? And if you can get divorced and can get re-married so easily – why marry at all?

Very often I see press headlines blinking from celebrities announcing their 2nd , 3rd sometimes even the 5th or 6th marriage. Each time: wearing a white dress, pearls, diamonds, tiaras, spending thousands of dollars for an impressive ceremony and pricey entertainment for a party afterwards. But  the most importantly – promising each time and yet again to be with the person for as longs as they shall live…

And then I look at my parents: with all the ups and downs in every marriage, just 3 years ago, they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. We had a ceremony with family and friends, went to the city hall in the city of Kaunas to celebrate the 25 years of their union. It was very interesting as an adult to see my parents re-marry.

With both of them being so emotional as they are,  I have seen my parents raising their voices at each other, slamming the doors before sitting in separate rooms for hours, going on for long walks separately. But I have also seen Christmas holidays cooking together, dinning together, building snowmen, playing team games, cuddling before bed, movie nights with popcorn and classical Russian/ American cartoons, picnics in the yard, birthdays… A lot of those moments are worth living all together.  Worth building a relationship for and worth giving it another try. Sometimes I used to think that my parents would be better apart but now, after all this time, I see that they are not just husband and wife, but also friends and soul mates. Growing old together made them slow down, taught to forgive and forget and although they are quite different, they  have mastered the secret knowledge of how to live together in peace and to accept people and things as they really are.

Up to this day, I have a great pleasure to be back home with my parents. Living every day together can create lots of tension and good and bad things can happen: things get misunderstood, people expect different things from the same event, etc. But exactly all the love, fun , joy and all those every day troubles make life bubbly and interesting.

And what is your point of view? Marry or not? Is it still possible to find someone to love and are we still able to make the commitment last ‘forever’?….

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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…about a Woman. Even if some of you have conquered the Everest of a relationship and marriage there are still things that you could improve, renew, refresh, or newly determine. Those things include 10 top secrets that were designed after consulting with my married and single friends.

Of course, a list “What Makes A Women Happy” could be almost endless but just for clarity sake, I have decided to list these five. These things are easy to implement and the positive changes are almost immediate. So off we go – into a brighter tomorrow in the world of women! 😉


Scarf: Marks & Spenser.

Coat: Next.

Shirt: Ivo Nikkolo.

Skirt: Bershka.

Shoes: QQQ.

Tights: Gatta.

Purse: Thrifted, no label.

Gloves: Italiana Mode .

Belt: Bershka.

OMG Item: “Gloves! Gloves! Gloves! They feel like silk, look like velvet and are so soft and sleek. Hands feel not only warm but heavenly. I also like the ‘royal’ touch that long-sleeved gloves give to the outfit. With the clothes being all the same it immediately gives that edgier more feminine touch and overall more fancy look. ”

Number 1. Make sure she has at least an hour for herself everyday. The time when she is at work or at the supermarket does not count, because she is busy. I mean a whole hour for herself – without the kids, you, without anyone. Either she chooses to spend that hour at a beauty salon, relaxing in a hot-tube, doing yoga, learning origami or just quietly reading a book – plan that hour every day and do not complain about it. She will love you respecting her private time. During that time women re-charge their beauty / well-being/ self-confidence battery and so she can shine again. For you.

Number 2. Do not kill her joy. She orders a strawberry milk-shake and pics a straw with a paper heart on it. You lift an eye-brow and say “What – are you 12 again??” DO NOT DO THAT. She wants it. It makes her happy. Let it go.

Women are the vivid reflection of a child living in them. Of course nowadays  the preferred “toys” are somewhat different in price and purpose but pleasing a woman is similar to pleasing a child – a full hand of balloons, a big bouquet of flowers or a box of candy can make her very happy. Instead of trying to find what’s right and what’s not right – look at her and sink in the happy glow of her eyes.


Number 3. Hug her as often as you can. Huging is sometimes even more important than kissing. Women love to be held in a hug for a long time. Of course everything has its limits and doing it every time she passes by may be fun but also irritating. For as far as many women have indicated, they like to be tenderly hugged for a long time like before falling a sleep, when watching a movie, or simply relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. And remember: One long hug a day keeps the break up away! 🙂

Number 4. Encourage her to want more. There is no greater joy for a girl than knowing that her partner is proud of her and believes that she is capable of achieving big goals. Do not laugh at her sweating in a parking lot learning to drive. It is important for both of you to become strong well-prepared individuals. Girls are more sensitive and therefore they may get upset faster and react to criticism much stronger than many men would expect. So a little joke about her driving mistakes may become one of the many reasons to pick a fight about who and how should drive.

Long story short: if you want an interesting partner permanently contributing to a colourful life together  – invest some time in encouraging your girlfriend to fulfill her dreams and goals.


Where: A frozen lake, Utena, Lithuania.

Number 5. Do more than you planned to. Example 1. So she asks you to take out the garbage. Before taking it out make sure you have inserted a new garbage bag in the bin. Or broom the floor around the bin if some garbage have fallen on the floor…

Example 2. She asked you to do the dishes. After you clean them, make sure you put them back and the things that you used all to their places. These little steps will not take longer than 2-3 extra minutes but what it will do – it will show that you care and try to make such routine tasks as house duties easier. Trust me, she will notice your efforts. And appreciate them.

Number 6. Be a gentleman. No matter what a women says it is your duty to take over the tasks that requier bravery, physical strength or manhood. Nowadays nobody is asking you to fight the dragon and I am afraid that very few man could. But there are other things such as carrying the shopping bags, helping her with her coat, digging the snow, dealing with impolite – noisy neigbors, cutting the grass, catching spiders, letting her through the door first, repairing the furniture, taking the car to the mechanics, going first into the dark basement – these and all the other tasks that will make you her hero.


Number 7.  Be a part of her world. The greatest thing of trust a man can get is to be the first person a woman will come for an advice. This means that she values your opinion and cares about your point of view towards the issue. To get to this point you may neet to reflect on yourself and find the moments when you use your sarcasm or ignorance and kill her will to talk to you. This also includes practicing your skills of active listening.

Trust us, we are able to see if you are just sort of listening to us during the commercial breaks. That will never be a good base for an honest conversation. When woman is puzzled or in trouble – no difference if the problem is related to global economy or a fight with a closest friend – you will be in her heart forever if you will just sit down with her and talk about it. For many women unspoken truth is like a ghost – it’s scary because it is in the dark. Once the words are said aloud they are a fact.


Number 8.  Surprise her with a kinder surprise. If your calendar indicates just 2-3 gift giving occasions a year – your relationship has taken a wrong turn. When it come to the gift-giving topic I often hear “limited budget” as an excuse. Presents to your girlfriend are not entirely about money.

You do not have to get her an iPhone or a diamond right to show your dedication. I’ve seen my friend totally in love with a girl, making 50 white origami birds for his girlfriend for no occasion. He came to her building at 4 a.m. and hung each one of  them on a thread in front of her door. Do you imagine how pretty that must have been? My friend, the girl, was totally blown away by such surprise. And it costed him almost nothing!

Writing a poem, composing a CD of her favorite songs, home-made cookies, a drawing,  a cute – heart-shaped chocolate are just a few tight budget friendly ideas that can be implemented often with just a little bit of imagination and creativity. It tights bonds with your girl and brings some romantic breath into your every day life and relationship.

Who: Photographer – Aurelija Apulskienė.

Number 9.  Tell her she is the one. Now this may seem as the easiest thing from the entire list but this is the most complicated. It’s not only about saying the words aloud. It’s about finding the perfect time, the exact moment when the heart is open and she is able to hear it and feel it. Do not forget that actions speak louder than words –  never say these words after you’ve done something really really mean (like if you were gone for a day or even worse-a whole night without a call or warning). Instead of repeating that you are sorry – do not do things to be sorry about. Without a sense of regret to it, the special words will sound powerful and pure.


Numer 10. Find time for more satisfying activities to do together. Love, romance and trust does not build itself from nothing. Make sure that you find time regularly to do  some common activities together such as sports or games: jogging, tennis, badminton, skating, skiing, hiking, swimming, frisbee, chess, sudoku, biking, playing with your pets, dancing or singing lessons, sight-seeing, painting, crafting, DIY projects, reading books, movies, bathing, knitting, puzzle solving – anything that you enjoy to do and that produces satisfaction. Sharing common experience of adventures will keep your feelings updated and fill yoru days with fun, pleasant and silly moments to remember. Do not forget that in order to have something to remember tomorrow, you need to make it happen today! 😉

And after all – yes, we might be from different planets but I think exactly for that fact we can live together as the opposites attract! 🙂

Yours Truly,

Vaiva K.

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I have been thinking a lot lately about how do I happen to have such brilliant memories of people I have met in my life. Most of those meetings so bizarre and disturbing that writing about them would put no novel to shame. Most of those meetings happened by a total coincidence as if someone had planned it all. It would have only taken a five-minute time difference and some of those people may have remained strangers to me forever…


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I have to tell you a story about how a life can be either black or white. The white side of my life is my beloved grandmother. She was born in 1933. Her name is Helen and she lives about 200 kilometers from the capital Vilnius in a small town of Taurage. While my grandfather was still alive, they lived in a private house size of a small villa. All kinds of fruits and berries used to harvest in a garden behind the house. They were one of the first people in the village to get a TV – black and white – at that time.

But they only lived a somewhat happy and wealthy life when they were married and their children (one of whom is my mother) were in the middle school already. My grandpa had a good position and was in charge for the agriculture around the region where they lived. So they didn’t have to starve and tried to help the neighbourhood as much as they could.

But until then, Helen said she had a very dramatic childhood and years of adolescence. Life was not easy and there was nothing that you could easily afford.

I cannot remember my grandfather very well, as he died when I was just 7-8 years old. I cannot remember his face clearly, but I will never forget time spend with him in the basement of the house, where the main kiln was located. The smell of a dry wood, ashes, yeast from the bread being baked in a metal stove and the smell of the old newspapers. I used to adore playing with pieces of coal. It was always black, light and so skinny as if it was spread with silver dust. Granny wouldnt’ let me do that because very quickly all the clothes would turn dirty from it, but my grandfather knew how to keep my games a secret 😉

Later, when I grew up, I met some people who used to live in our neighbourhood and who knew my grandfather. They told me that my grandpa was a great man and everyone liked him for his sense of logics and sharp mind. He would always try to employ the people who he knew lived the poorest and if he couldn’t , he would make sure they receive some food donations not least than once a month. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with me directly, but still listening to stories like these made me feel proud.


Tunica: Flame.

Coat: Tank .

Shoes: Miss Selfridge.

Hat: My grandmothers: bought it right after when she got married – so it’s about 50 years old… Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Gloves: purchased at a local craftsmen market in October 2011.

Belt: My mothers – bought it when she was a university student from some artist in Denmark .

OMG Item: “The hat. My grandmother told me about the life in Lithuania when everything here – the language, culture, items at the shop, your political opinion and even your private life – was a possession of Soviet Russia. Everything even a little bit luxurious was impossible to get. She told me you couldn’t really choose – you would simply buy items that are available and be happy that you even got them. For instance shoes: there was one type of shoes in the variety of sizes. So if you needed new shoes, you’d buy the ones that you could find. My grandmother lived in a suburb area of a small town so it was even tougher to get anything. She purchased this hat when my grandfather somehow managed to take her on a trip to Georgia – Georgia in Europe – for their honeymoon, I believe. She said it cost something like half of a salary of an unqualified worker and at that time it was an impossible amount of money. My grandmother laughed at the fact that she so saved the hat for special occasions that it remained in a perfect condition even 50 years later. I am proud and happy to wear it as a wonderful historical piece. ”

It’s not difficult to count that at the time when the 2nd World War ended in 1945, my grandmother was 12 years old. By that time she had already seen it all: bombings, injured people, burnt down houses, families ripped apart, deportation to concentration camps… She once told me about where they lived which was basically anywhere they could because their house was destroyed 3 times: two of them by bombing and one of them by fire. There were secret local underground schools because Lithuanian religion, language, culture, political movements were strictly forbidden. First by the German, then by the Russians.

People saved everything they could and tried to fit in to the new norms of the Depression.


You had to have a garden in order to have food and you would then trade your products to the things that you needed: wheat for oil, eggs for milk, cheese for sausage, wheat for potatoes. Shops were closed, no job was available, except for the agriculture and medical sectors. Due to the depression, no or very little goods were imported so there was a lack of everything including clothing, footwear, school equipment, medical and other necessities.

If you wanted to have something, like a new sweater, it would go like this: someone would know someone else, who had some sheep so they had wool and grow cotton in the fields to make threads which then would be weaved or knitted to make clothing.

The luckier ones, had some wealthier relatives that moved away to USA or somewhere else so they sometimes could send people new clothes and shoes. But as I browse old pictures with my grandma, she points to a dress that my mother got from her uncle in America to wear on a wedding of a relative. Later you can see her cousin wearing the same dress at someones elses wedding and then a friend of that cousin wearing it at someone elses childs birthday…


When I listen to all of those stories it seems almost impossible to comprehend. People sound heroic just for their capability to survive those time, not to break down and at the end – achieve success. My grandma later worked as a Lithuanian teacher probably because she wanted to educate people and to compensate for the time when our langauge was abandoned. For a long time she was a principle of a local school and always encouraged us to talk flawlessly, avoid slang.

I remember very well her sitting on the side of my bed, gently running her warm hands through my hair and telling me story after story, poem after poem until I fell asleep. She is now a real senior and her memory is not so good on daily topics. But when it comes to Lithuanian literature, she does the unspeakable – last Christmas she told me my favorite fairy tale in poem which I think she used last about 20 years ago!

I really wish she could stay healthy and happy forever…

P.s. here is a link to my favorite childhoods poem translated to English. Scroll down untill you see JŪRATĖ AND KASTYTIS. Do that if you are interested, of course 😉


Cheers to all of those wonderful grandmothers and grandfathers that are out there for you!

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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