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The great thing about fall is that even if the days get chilly, the flowers are still in blossom all over the city. So you can walk around town and enjoy the view of the everything that has the capacity to produce beauty in the unwelcoming conditions of cool weather and rain.


Shirt: ellie louse.

Jacket: Instinct.

Skirt: Lindex.

Earings: A gift from a friend.

Ring: Silver City.

Shoes: Shoe Biz. Purse: Mango.

OMG Item:  “Green Mango purse. I bought this small purse 3 years ago, when I was living in Stokcholm. I was immediatelly caught by the bright green colour and felt like I had to have it! After I wore it few parties around, my friends came asking to borrow my little treasure so the purse has seen it all: all kinds of parties, evenings at the movies, about a million dates, trips to other counties – you name it! 😉 And I am surprised about it’s brilliant condition – nothing at all happened to it to indicate it’s age and the frequency of usage! Salut, Mango, salut!”


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