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So finally, in the middle of May, the real weather arrived. Not just some 17-19 degrees of warmth but the real 24-27 degrees of summer heat. The kind of perfect weather when you can see heat waving above the surface of the asphalt, colours bright and pulsing. The kind of weather when you simply cannot stay indoors and the only thing that keeps you alive in the office despite the lunch break ice-cream delight, is a vision of a hammock hanging over the view of a calm and quiet lake. At least that is the only thought that I have, while at work! 🙂

And of course, no better time to plan the holidays than summer! So many destinations, so many places to see, so many things to discover! I have seriously patiently waited all year for a good vacation and now I am more than ready to go. The only question is where??


Dress: Seppalla.

Shoes: Viva Batai.

Bracelet: facebook “Papuošalų galerija”.

“This time, I want to go some place different, really different”, I thought at first. Travelling to another continent would be an incredible experience. But later, after considering the amount of time that I will actually get off from work and regarding the budged, travelling that far doesn’t seem like a good idea for now. If I’d go somewhere that far, I would like to really stay, hang out, travel around the place in order to not only see things but to get a sense of the place.  For this reason, I would like to reserve not less than 3 weeks to travel some place in another continent. Knowing that I will only be able to take 5-10 days off from work, I decided to stay in Europe. 


Who: Photographs taken by Darius Kavaliauskas.

Special thanks to: Jurga Girdzijauskaitė

But Europe, is a large place too, you know! 🙂 That’s not as easy as it seems to select where to go. Europe itself is very colourful, you get all different cultures if you travel to different regions. I have already visited  Poland, Check Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and England. I spent weeks or even months in some of these countries while travelling, studying or working. Sweden, Italy, Belgium and England are among the lucky ones. But for some others , like Austria or Hungry, I had only 2-3 spare days to run around the sightseeing routes to see a bit of its sparkling beauty. So it would also be a good idea to go back to those places to explore them again, to refresh the things that are already knows and to discover the cultural riches in-depth. Will do that sometime for sure! But now, my heart is seeking for something new, something totally unfamiliar…

Where: Villa in Pilaitė, Vilnius.

So guys, what is your advice? Where should I go?? I was thinking just for now to avoid the popular West Europe destinations like Spain ,France or Portugal. Not because I am not interested but because I am willing to explore something more exotic. I was thinking about heading somewhere towards the Balkan region. I am totally open culture/race/ climate/ ethnicity wise so feel free to name some bizarree places to go to.

 Has anyone been any place there and found that it is a heaven on earth? Or perhaps some of you live there and you could tell me all about the fantastic places I should visit? In any case, I am looking forward to read your opinion at the comments below or in my inbox at dressupforme{at}yahoo.com. Maybe you know places that I should be adviced against visiting? Or places too dangerous to go to? Please let me know about that too!


Have yourselves a lovely, sizzling, adventurous and inspiring beginning of summer! 🙂

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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