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Since the warm season is full of festivals and celebrations, I cannot help but notice what kind of horrible things people bring. With all do respect, I am not talking about tight budget – you can still get so many meaningful and useful things for really not so much money. I am talking about absolutely tasteless things that will be hidden in the deepest darkest corner of the garage, or, let’s be honest, will be re-given or find its way to a peaceful “heaven” on top of a landfill hill.

By no means I want to offend anyone or to say that I haven’t slipped during my time of celebrating someones life choices by a gift, let’s say , slightly random. But I do believe I have gotten a long way since I started analyzing it and I just want to help. We live and learn. You cannot take your horrible things back but you can create a new way of gifting. On top of everything a wrong gift is like you shaking yourself on the stage. totally. off. the. beat.


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