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Since the warm season is full of festivals and celebrations, I cannot help but notice what kind of horrible things people bring. With all do respect, I am not talking about tight budget – you can still get so many meaningful and useful things for really not so much money. I am talking about absolutely tasteless things that will be hidden in the deepest darkest corner of the garage, or, let’s be honest, will be re-given or find its way to a peaceful “heaven” on top of a landfill hill.

By no means I want to offend anyone or to say that I haven’t slipped during my time of celebrating someones life choices by a gift, let’s say , slightly random. But I do believe I have gotten a long way since I started analyzing it and I just want to help. We live and learn. You cannot take your horrible things back but you can create a new way of gifting. On top of everything a wrong gift is like you shaking yourself on the stage. totally. off. the. beat.


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In the posts previously I have addressed the issue of foster homes. And I am assuming I am the last believer on this planet because I cannot tell you how many people started advising me against it. In my eyes full of surprised people used such ridiculous arguments, starting with that I will get bugs in my hair from those “filthy kids” up to that they will steal and sell everything valuable from my house. This was just much more than I was ready to hear.

I couldn’t believe it actually. There is always a risk of “bad” genes or misbehaviour but isn’t that in any kid anyway? How come my glowing eyes, clean and well dressed child gets to be called “filthy” just because they had a misfortune to be bornin a famliy which was unable to take care of them? I swear to God, I woudl slap those people to wake them up if I could.


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One delightful Saturday afternoon, with a casual cappuccino and a never-ending interesting stuff on the internet, I was researching the internet wedding pages as my good friend is about to get married. Unfortunately, what seemed as an innocent delightful time helping a friend to plan the finishing touches of such a special occasion I have come across something that I didn’t bear to take alone. So I decided to share it so that I can get your opinion and reflection on some very bizarre facts and statistics:


Coat: Marks & Spenser’s.

Shoes: QQQ.

Tights: Iggy.

Blouse: Bershka.

Skirt: Monton .

Gloves: thrift.

Pearls: Seppala/ Silver City.

Belt: New Yorker.

OMG Item: “Pearls. It’s the same if you put on just one piece or an entire sea of pearls hang on your neck – you will always look expensive, smart-looking and in style. Pearls are a little predictable but still you can get many looks: from an elegant A class princess to a Lolita chick. However, I always find it the most beautiful, when different pearl strings are being blended together than mixing pearls with other type of jewelery, specially plastic or fake looking things. It’s time for fun and it’s time for pearls. This time – pearls only!”

Gay marriages and marriage among the family members are not as rare as it may seem. Since the global population has trebled in the past 50 years, has it become actually impossible to find your significant other? There are legendary stories telling us that there must be someone out there for every one of us. The significant other, the soul mate, love of your life somewhere walking the same Earth as you and all you have to do is find him/her. Obviously, easier said than done. And in the world where you can marry anyone or anything, have the endless possibilities made it impossible to choose right?

Divorce statistics are more than frightening: more than 4o percent of Lithuanian marriages fall apart. Have we forgotten that the promise “for better or for worse” is intended for forever and not until the road get’s rocky? And if you can get divorced and can get re-married so easily – why marry at all?

Very often I see press headlines blinking from celebrities announcing their 2nd , 3rd sometimes even the 5th or 6th marriage. Each time: wearing a white dress, pearls, diamonds, tiaras, spending thousands of dollars for an impressive ceremony and pricey entertainment for a party afterwards. But  the most importantly – promising each time and yet again to be with the person for as longs as they shall live…

And then I look at my parents: with all the ups and downs in every marriage, just 3 years ago, they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. We had a ceremony with family and friends, went to the city hall in the city of Kaunas to celebrate the 25 years of their union. It was very interesting as an adult to see my parents re-marry.

With both of them being so emotional as they are,  I have seen my parents raising their voices at each other, slamming the doors before sitting in separate rooms for hours, going on for long walks separately. But I have also seen Christmas holidays cooking together, dinning together, building snowmen, playing team games, cuddling before bed, movie nights with popcorn and classical Russian/ American cartoons, picnics in the yard, birthdays… A lot of those moments are worth living all together.  Worth building a relationship for and worth giving it another try. Sometimes I used to think that my parents would be better apart but now, after all this time, I see that they are not just husband and wife, but also friends and soul mates. Growing old together made them slow down, taught to forgive and forget and although they are quite different, they  have mastered the secret knowledge of how to live together in peace and to accept people and things as they really are.

Up to this day, I have a great pleasure to be back home with my parents. Living every day together can create lots of tension and good and bad things can happen: things get misunderstood, people expect different things from the same event, etc. But exactly all the love, fun , joy and all those every day troubles make life bubbly and interesting.

And what is your point of view? Marry or not? Is it still possible to find someone to love and are we still able to make the commitment last ‘forever’?….

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

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