Hello all,

How are you doing? I am back to my home in the North. Some people somewhere are still enjoying the August warmth. As for me, I have not gone out without a raincoat since I came back. More for the wind than the rain. But even though you could not say it’s exactly cold here, the summer warmth has definitelly made some other plans, packed its bags and left. So that’s that.

However, feel a need to mention that autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the entire year. I do not mind the change so much for what I get back is the thriving colours of the leaves and the smell of the morning chill. Chuncky sweaters, hot chocolate and all of those other benefits come to my mind first to make me excited about it first and foremost.

Not to mention the pleasures of reviewing the autumn/winter collections! So many pleasant things up my way in autumn 😉


This time D&G collection was very comforting. Still very fancy and elegant but it had many other angles: floral applications for those seeking a playful style; shinning crystals for elegance; long gloves and high knee stockings for warmth and comfort; golden key detailing for those seeking more mystery.

So here it is: a short album of D&G autumn/winter collection: http://stiliausraktas.lt/sveciai/item/140-dolce-gabbana-ruduo-ziema-2014

At the end of the article you will find a line in blue with the end word “VIDEO” – that will take you right to the runway show. For you to have your own impression.

Stay stylish and warm!

Yours truly,

Vaiva k.


q (1)Hello all,

How are you enjoying this hot sunny summer? Where did you guys go for holidays?

I went to the South. South of everything where it was hotter than hot, wine is sweeter than sweet, sea is bluer than the sky…. And lifegueards as hot as in “Baywatch” 🙂 Continue Reading »

Hello dear all,

Summer this year in Lithuania, as well as Sweden and Cyprus, which I happen to be at this time of the year, is in full bloom and in increadible heat! The heat wave went on and whatever it touched everything bloomed, tanned, stripped, melted and dried. Tan lines, cold drinks, ice cream, sun screen, beach volleyball and lots and lots of swimming is what everyone seems to be up to.

And its long long since a bathing suit was just a piece of cloth to cover up while you are in the water. Nowadays, with so much to chose from, its an actual beach style. Together with beachy sandals and a hat, its your beach outift. So this time do not go for that all boring plain triangle top and bottom. Get a bathing suit that will you “shine bright like a diamon” . Ok ok, no more tacky song lines 🙂

For a better visual stimulation here is a link to a bathing suit collection , my all time summer favorites. Look how beautiful and stylish you can look! The link is in Lithuanian, but I already said everything you needed to know. 😉

Enjoy the photos and leave a comment. Or better – your picture in a bikini! B-)


w4Greetings from the tropical beach!

Yours trully – tanned and happy –  

Vaiva K.


Hi all!

So here I am braking the big news – I have finally found time to upload these beautiful collections to my Lithuanian blog. I am well aware that few of you can read it but I am sure you will be able to appreciate what you see in the collection of the pictures. This time, it really stole my heart – Valentino branch are miracle workers. This is one of those few times when I was really really deeply “wowed” by how stunning both collections are.

Valentino Ready-To-Wear collection:




Valentino Haute Couture collection:



This will be like a cupcake for your eyes 🙂 Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.


Ode To Spring

Come spring and change me. Turn my skin to camomile petals, let the wind undo my hair, let the foggy mist of coolness dress me up in its white tender gown. Let the fresh blooming flowers be my perfume.
Come spring and change me – change who I am. I will stand bare in the rain and let it wash the thick skin of all regretful wrong that I’ve done. Shower me and make me pure again.
Let the sun kiss my pale skin and turn and infuse my soul with its golden glow so I could shine from within.

Continue Reading »

“She smiled understandingly – much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced – – or seemed to face – – the whole eternal world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. She understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey.”

― Adapted from  F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby.


Christmas Tales by VOGUE in KOREA

Hello loves!

How are your vacations? How is the holiday season?

The mood, the glitter, smell of pies and coffee…. 🙂 Great time of the year, isn’t it? 🙂

Before hitting the shopping malls to have a blast at winter sales, have a look at what kind of Christmas Tale Vogue is telling us this year. The Nutcracker theme is just adoreable! Do you agree?


A link will take you to my Lithuanian blog, but we will only go to see the photos (the link in blue at the top)

Enjoy and be inspired!


Hello darlings,

This week on my Lithuanian blog I wrote about rubies. Editing is normally the painful part of the activity but I got so hypnotized by the deep red or raspberry pink shine of rubies! The more you look the more mystified you get about these amazing precious stones!

I am all very well aware that most of you cant read Lithuanian and that’s OK. Because you can still look at all of the photos + the article is all about illustrations.

The first photo gallery includes pictures of a raw ruby stone, while the second one shows all of the magnificent work of jewelers from around the world as well as the royal family.

If you like what you see you are very welcome to give the article 5 starts and you can also leave a comment. The comments appear after I submit them so you will not be able to see them right away. Just spam protection rules 🙂


Have a wonderful Sunday!

Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

14th of November, Thursday, one of those unexpectedly nice days. For the first time, since I moved to my new home, to which for many reasons I refer to by just one word – North -, I’ve seen the frost go over the entire neighbourhood! From underneath the frost you can still see how green the grass is and some of the yellow leaves are still remaining on the trees, but the first impression of a rising sun, frost and steam coming from early runners breath…

It always makes me somewhat sentimental and happy all at once. Sentimental, because autumn always brings me the blues. Not in a bad way! I sit, sipping on a cup of tea or a glass of wine (depending on the time of the day or night), listening to something like this and contemplate my life 😉 I do enjoy sinking in it, letting my thoughts drift away and melt in the music:


And also happy, because the cold, which I admit I enjoy truly, remind me that the holiday season is coming. And that is just phenomenal time of the year. It is my biggest thing, the ‘it” thing, the best holiday and best memories. Despite all of the technological progress, I haven’t given up on paper post. I write tons of post cards, letters a year but during winter holidays, the greeting cards just pile up and make it even more festive! I put down poems, and inspirational quotes, my feelings, thoughts and wishes for everyone to whom this post card will go to. And I of course receive many cards as well. I let them sit there on my shelf and I re-read them several times just to enjoy them well enough. What can be better, than a hand-written letter from a dear old friend!



One of the first memories of letter writing I have when there was a “friendly ghost” TV show for children on Lithuanian national television. The show host was this cozy lovely older man, who would read out fairy tales, tell stories and talk about fun things like magic and miracles in between the short cartoons. On that show, he used to talk about his display board where he would put up pictures that children drew and send him. And I used to draw something too, and with the help of my dad, I would send it via a paper post and then watch the show next week and wait for my drawing to come up. And there is was! I was happy over the roof! 🙂 And I guess from there I know how much fun it is to send a paper letter. I remember the excitement when I was about to glue close the envelope, as if I was to send the biggest treasure in the world! Well, in some sense, I did send the biggest treasure in the world – a bit of honest joy ifrom my heart.

Do you have anyone you send paper letters to? Haven’t done that but care to try? Well, there is no better time than this year to do it! And it is just enough time until Christmas for you to find out the right addresses and get your post cards, stamps and envelopes ready. If you have difficulties about what you should write, you can practice by writing a draft on an empty paper. After reading it, you will know exactly which parts you want to keep, skip or change. Do not be discouraged because you have to put a little bit of your heart in there. That is the whole point! Have fun and enjoy your blue, festive, chilly autumn! 


Yours truly,

Vaiva K.

Here and then

Do you ever feel how ‘long time’ is not just long but simply too long and yet so short all at once? Specially when you feel it running drop by drop so slowly as if time was made from honey. And in another moment – it runs so fast as if it was no more than a handful of sand.

Do you know why we say that time “runs”? I think it is because it is actually trying to run away. And it does. It runs away from us every day, every moment. Time that has already ran away is only in reach within our memory and the one that hasn’t run away – the future time – which is coming at its full speed right at us – is only in reach within our imagination.  But you can never say that the future hasn’t run away from us. We need to say “The time in the future hasn’t run away from us YET”.

It’s like that water of a river, never the same, never allows you to swim in the same water ever again. I wish I could take at least a short dip into the waters that I have already swam in… I truly wish, I could have had a power to stop the time at some moments of my life for taking a rest or for enjoying the feeling of never ending love. The kind of love that pulls you in, swallows you, takes you all for who you are and for what you will never be.  Or for when I was so happy I could cry. Or when my thoughts were empty and I actually enjoyed it.

I wish I could stop the moment, when a child falls asleep in my arms – so light and so peaceful – and breathes so calmly and tenderly, skin so soft and cheeks so pink.

Wish I had the power to stop the time, just once, just at the right time and place and make it really last. Catch the time by its slippery tail and hold on to it for as longs as I could.

I wish I could. I truly do…

558916_741716375854655_1112043574_nYours truly,

Vaiva K.


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