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Once in a while you get this complicated feeling of anxiety, rush, unease, dissatisfaction – something that is hard to bear and yet even harder to put into words. It’s a feeling as if there wasn’t enough space in the shell – somewhat too crowded even though there is a certain sense of emptiness.  When this happens in your wardrobe – you know it’s time to review all and do one out of three: Keep, Store or Toss. But what do you do if you have that feeling about your life?

Today I happened to walk across the park where a small group of men in their respectable age were standing so still and quiet around few tables that at first sight I thought that was some kind of statue art installation. As I grew nearer I realized that booze was not the reason for them to gather – chessboard and a time-clock was present at each table. And then suddenly, when I was close enough to see their sharp eyes dig into the black and white figures, their thermo-mugs filled with steaming coffee, I understood all of it. We do not just struggle in life. We play chess: now, here, yesterday, today, tomorrow, everyday and everywhere.


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How: I guess I am one of those people who run and rush so that they feel they live. I run from home to the gym, then back, and to work , then to lunch, then to the meetings, then back to work, then to dinner with my family, then to see my friends, then home, then the cleaning up, then to bed… (more…)

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A morning chill and a midday heat – a typical weather of a fruit harvest season. Apples, pears, peaches, melons, plums and grapes – a burst of all the greens , yellows, violets, purples and reds.

Why: Out of all, the fruit harvest season is the best season of the year for me. The landscapes errupt in deep rich colours, there are more contrasts than ever. I love fall. I do not care that it rains. There is nothing like a simple cozy day of autumn, when it’s still sunny and dry but not hot anymore. Cool, chilly evenings bring some wonderful opportunities to warm the house with home baked pies. And the smell… Doesn’t it make you feel like home more than ever?


Dress: Some Body.

Shoes: Melon.

Purse: Lyrella, vintage.

Plastic headband: Accessorize.

Earings: Kanela

OMG Item: “Lyrella purse. Bough it in a vintage shop in Stockholm. I cannot remember that jaw-dropping price but I couldn’t forget this interesting piece so I had to coem back to purhcase it. It’s made from six segments, each hand-decorated with very small beads and when the purse is stuffed with items it gets a beautiful rounded shape! That is very original and unique about it. It also has small black fringes on both sides.”

Actually, I couldn’t call myself a wine expert. Unfortunatelly. But I do enjoy a glass or two with a good company. As students, we used to drink something we could afford. But that didn’t matter: you go to heaven for weather and to hell for the company. 🙂 That was the same here: two bottles of wine would bring us, eight friends and a guitar together. Which would then lead to endless talks and laughs.

When: September 15, 2011

Now, of course, everyone choses quality over quantity and quality over price. Once, when I was still at university, and that was not so long ago,  my friend and I discovered a small wine place nearby. For the first time, I had tried a Chinese plum wine. It’s golden in colour, and sweet, oh so sweet! It is more like a dessert than a drink. But it brought us some lovely ladies-time and I still remember that taste and smell fondly.

“What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile.” ~ William Sokolin

Where: Old town, a wall with climbing wild grapes.

Now I have discovered a wine named ‘DUCLA’. I am not sure if it’s a fancy wine according to the standards. But I realy like it’s taste and consistency. It’s red and dark as a full cherry. Whenever I open a new bottle, the first mild scent makes me close my eyes and think of all the romantic and fun times when I drank it. And in my opinion, red tastes the best, when it comes from France…;)

Wineglass picture taken from Howkburst.

Who:Pictures taken by Dovydas Toleikis.

Yours truly,


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