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Dear readers,

You might have thought that I have forgotten about you since this blog has been so incredibly quiet over the last few months. But in fact, I have been thinking about my writing and blogging experience and I think the time is right to announce that I will be moving to a real website. That’s right, the recent time has been to me like a swim for a duck: had to remain calm on the surface but paddle like hell underneath – photo-shootings, meetings, dealing, planning, visualizing, researching.  And so, after torturing my IT specialist for the thousand…th time we finally got it – the perfect name, perfect time and perfect design.

This all process, of course, took a lot of time and is very VERY far from complete yet. We need to move the data, open photo gallaried and this might even take a month or two to finish until we can start writing new things. But it is happening and I wanted you , dear blog subscribers, to be the first ones to know  about this new thing that is coming up real soon (in hasn’t reached even ‘Dressupforme’ facebook page yet, which will, actually, soon have a new name…).

This brand new website is a great dream of mine and I have to admit that without you this all would have never been possible. I would really love to hug you all right now 😀 But alright, enough with the tears, let’s get down to business, shall we? 😉

This new website, whose name is still a secret from public, is going to have a similar idea as this blog but that should turn out as a slightly bigger thing. In my vision, there should be enough space for guest writers, interviews with interesting people and stylists, fashion trends, tips and tricks, enough room for inspiration and crafting. I’m trying to pull together a collection of thoughts and things I love about life. To make that site work as a friend of yours – the one that keeps you company while you drink your morning coffee and the one that pulls you up when your mood is down. To make a site that it would be the second best thing that you open after you have checked your e-mails. This is my dream. And I will need your love and support to make it work.

The new site,will have, by the way, a subscribers bar and I sincerely hope, that you will enter your e-mail once again so I would know that you are still there. I feel you behind every word that I type and I love this feeling  – it’s as if I had you in front of me and spoke to you face to face over a cup of tea.  And I just wish that the cup of tea would never end…

I am not sure yet what will happen to this blog. Most likely, I will keep this one merely for writing. In that case most of the pictures will be taken down as they mill be moved to this new site. Also, this could be another branch and just stay the way it is. We will see with time. For now, just know that it is not the end yet and that I will be posting pictures and articles soon here as well. I thank you for your patience.

And here is a little peak of what happened to my last photo session when an intruder showed up and started stalking me. It’s a good thing that the session was not professional because it all ended up in a laugh.

Teh cat gave a photographer the best terrifying look when the he said “Just ignore that cat and he’ll leave” . Well, the photographer was wrong. 😀

Your truly,

Vaiva K.

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