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Why: The most exciting things that had ever happened to me were the ones, when I went where I wanted to go, did what I wanted to do,  and spent time with people that I wanted to be with. And by saying this I do not mean denying duties, when we know we have to do certain things but we have millions of excuses to do something else. For instance instead of classes you go to see a movie. That’s just immature.


Blouse: Modelo.

Skirt: Bershka.

Shoes: Lorenzo.

Purse: thrift store, no label.

Earings: Kanela.

OMG Item: “The blouse from Modelo. I believe it’s a Spanish brand. I discovered it just recently when I was browsing some favorite thrift stores. At first I wasn’t sure if Ieven wanted to try it on. It looked so baggy and somewhat funky. I didn’t look like anything from my wardrobe. But something was very exciting about it so I figured there’s no arm in trying. And I loved it! Its floaty and silky; has a beautiful handmade peackock picture on one side. And the colour is somewhat peachy-orange but it’s made unevenly and looks even more interesting because of that. I absolutelly adore the sleeves!”


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