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Do you ever feel how ‘long time’ is not just long but simply too long and yet so short all at once? Specially when you feel it running drop by drop so slowly as if time was made from honey. And in another moment – it runs so fast as if it was no more than a handful of sand.

Do you know why we say that time “runs”? I think it is because it is actually trying to run away. And it does. It runs away from us every day, every moment. Time that has already ran away is only in reach within our memory and the one that hasn’t run away – the future time – which is coming at its full speed right at us – is only in reach within our imagination.  But you can never say that the future hasn’t run away from us. We need to say “The time in the future hasn’t run away from us YET”.

It’s like that water of a river, never the same, never allows you to swim in the same water ever again. I wish I could take at least a short dip into the waters that I have already swam in… I truly wish, I could have had a power to stop the time at some moments of my life for taking a rest or for enjoying the feeling of never ending love. The kind of love that pulls you in, swallows you, takes you all for who you are and for what you will never be.  Or for when I was so happy I could cry. Or when my thoughts were empty and I actually enjoyed it.

I wish I could stop the moment, when a child falls asleep in my arms – so light and so peaceful – and breathes so calmly and tenderly, skin so soft and cheeks so pink.

Wish I had the power to stop the time, just once, just at the right time and place and make it really last. Catch the time by its slippery tail and hold on to it for as longs as I could.

I wish I could. I truly do…

558916_741716375854655_1112043574_nYours truly,

Vaiva K.


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